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260+ Photoshop Tutorials

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1 260+ Photoshop Tutorials في الأحد أبريل 27, 2008 12:18 pm


انمي خارق
انمي خارق
A lot of great tutorials on almost every aspect of photoshop.
How to do abstract lighting, brushing, how to create planets,
how to make photo manipulations, how to work the eyes, how to make a
chrome tentacle, how to use the dark art. Guide to extracting pictures,
creating effects such as fire or wind, making orbs, how to use the pen tool.
A detailed hair tutorial,a detailed guide to vectoring. How to make stars,
fairydust. How to insert tattoos, making render effects making lasers and much more...

BIG collection of premium tutorials, 201!

CODE Collection_Premium_Tutorials.part2.rar Collection_Premium_Tutorials.part3.rar Collection_Premium_Tutorials.part4.rar Collection_Premium_Tutorials.part5.rar

معاينة صفحة البيانات الشخصي للعضو

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