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microsoft visual professional projects, Oreilly Collection

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انمي خارق

Author: Kuljit Kaur, Pooja Bembey, Niit, John Souugh
Date: 02 March, 2002
ISBN: 1931841292
Language: English
Publisher: Premier Press
Category: Technical

Through the use of four hands-on projects, this book provides comprehensive information for designing an application using VB.NET technology. Each project takes the developer to a different paradigm of scalability: networked computing, Web-based interfaces, and mobile interfaces. Covering software development from a unique, usable angle, this book allows developers to peek inside as an application scales up in an organized, planned manner. Aimed at readers with at least 2 years experience in VB or other languages, Visual Basic.NET Professional Projects is written for the intermediate to advanced programmer/developer who is searching for ways to write better applications.


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