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DreamWeaver CS3

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1- Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3

In Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3, authors Stephanie Sullivan and Greg
Rewis demonstrate how to use Dreamweaver CS3 and CSS together to create highly
individualized, standards-based layouts. Through hands-on projects with visuals,
the book gives readers an in-depth understanding of Dreamweaver’s 32 CSS-based
layouts (new in Dreamweaver CS3) and their application, enabling every user of
Dreamweaver to learn CSS effectively and easily.

2- Dynamic Learning Dreamweaver CS3

Learning Dreamweaver CS3 is like having access to a top-notch
team of your very own instructors. Written by product experts and trainers who
have produced many of Adobe's training titles, the book takes you step-by-step
through the process of learning to use Dreamweaver X like a pro.

full-color book is organized into lessons, with easy-to-follow instructions,
tips, examples, and review questions at the end of every lesson. Each lesson is
self-contained, so you can go through the entire book sequentially or just focus
on individual lessons.
Topics covered include:

* What's new in
Dreamweaver CS3
* Dreamweaver CS3 Jumpstart
* Creating web sites
Styling pages with CSS
* Working with Snippets and library items
* Using
tables and frames
* Adding Flash, video, and audio content

addition, every book in this series also comes with a DVD with video demos and
exercise files for the lessons, including projects in various stages of
completion, rather than the usual "start" and "finished"



3- The Essential Guide To Dreamweaver Cs3 With Css, Ajax, And Php

Author: David Powers
Publisher: friends of ED
Pages: 784


With over 3 million users worldwide, Adobe's
Dreamweaver is the most popular web development software in the world, and it
just took another step forward with CS3, the new version released in 2007.
Having come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple web design tool,
CS3 allows you to rapidly put together standards compliant web sites and dynamic
web sites with server-side languages and Ajax, and much more.

you'll learn:

How to set up your ideal development environment, using
Mac OSX/Windows, Apache (and IIS on Windows,) Apache, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin

Creating standards compliant web sites using CS3's XHTML and CSS features

Creating dynamic web applications using CS3's PHP and Spry Ajax server
Building several real world web site functions, such as form
validation, random quote generator, search function, user management/login
pages, dynamic Ajax gallery, and much more.
Creating an interface design in
Fireworks CS3 and importing it into Dreamweaver CS3
How use Dreamweaver
CS3's XML functionality, to consume RSS feeds, and create Spry data sets

Using includes, templates and master detail pages
How to publish your
site after you've created it


4- Adobe
Dreamweaver CS3 Classroom in a Book


Dreamweaver CS3, now included as part of Adobe's Creative
Suite 3, is the leading professional Web design and development application in
the market, and is a must-have tool for any Web designer or developer.
Dreamweaver CS3 offers new CSS layouts, a unified CSS panel, and CSS
visualization tools that let users create interactive Web sites without having
to delve into code. Dreamweaver users can now create dynamic interfaces using
the Spry framwork for Ajax.

(Spry is 99% HTML, so it's accessible to both designers and
developers). Spry widgets (pre-built user interface components) let users
quickly add common user interface components to Web pages. Each chapter in this
full-color book contains a project that builds upon the reader's growing
knowledge of Dreamweaver, while review questions at the end of each chapter
reinforce the most important skills. Readers will learn how to customize a
Dreamweaver workspace, apply cascading style sheets, enter headline and body
text, insert graphics and rollovers, and add links to a page. They'll also learn
how to add interactive elements to their site, such as behaviors, effects, and
Flash video; add new code or code snippets; and publish their finished site to
the Web.

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