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Flash CS3

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1- Foundation Flash CS3 Video


* Chapter 1 Creating and Playing Flash Video
* Chapter 2 Editing Video for
* Chapter 3 Alternative FLV-Creation Tools
* Chapter 4 Creating a
Custom Player
* Chapter 5 "Talking Head" Video and Alpha Channels
Chapter 6 Adding Filters and Blend Effects to Flash Video
* Chapter 7 Masking
* Chapter 8 Flash Video Tricks, Tips, and Special Effects
* Chapter
9 Playing with Multiple Videos
* Chapter 10 The Camera Object and Flash
* Chapter 11 Cue Points and Captions in Flash Video
* Chapter 12
Going Small and Going Big with Flash Video

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2-Flash CS3 For Dummies


Start with simple animation, or create whole pages in Flash. The newest version of Flash offers all sorts of cool options for designing Web sites that stand out from the crowd, and this handy guide makes it easy. Enhance your site with animated graphics, boxes, or buttons; morph shapes; create text with exotically changing colors; add sound or video; and watch visitors flock to your site!

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